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Are you a chubby chaser looking for chubby singles for chubby dating or long-term relationship? Chubby Chsaer Personals is another choice to meet chubby singles. Like these top 3 chubby dating sites, this site is also free to sign up. The home page of Chubby Chaser Personals is simple. Every chubby chaser can join this site with several simple steps. On this chubby dating site, users can use several features to find their chubby singles. Also, if you want to find and meet chubby people quickly, you must become a gold premium member. Check the following details and make the right decision.

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Features of Chubby Chaser Personals

Chubby Chaser personals offers some eatures and service to make chubby dating easier. Chubby chasers can use these tools to find these chubby singles and chat with tem to get a chance to build short-term or long-term relationship. There is no doubt that gold members can get a chubby date easir than free members. However, before upgrading your membership, you need check it is a right or wrong decision for chubby dating. Check the following features for all users which are including free members and premium members.

  • Create a photo gallery. Users can create a photo gallery to show their lifestyle and attract other members to learn more about their life.

  • Join chat room. By doing this, you will can directly to contact these potential chubby partners for chubby dating.
  • Send Meeages. If you find a nice chubby woman or chubby man, you can send messages to learn more about her or him.
  • Send flirts. If you contact the chubby single in the first time, you can just send flirts to break ice between you and your partner.
  • Block users from sending your private messages. If you do not like someone, you can block her/him to create you quiet environment.
  • Read some safety dating tips. Unlike these top 3 chubby dating sites, Chubby Chaser Personals is not very high quality dating site. There are some spams or scammers cheating users pay some needless services. So, you need read some useful safty tips to avoid that thing happen.

Chubby Chaser Personals Prices

This chubby chaser dating site offers a differsnt kinds of pricing options and the ability to accept various foreign currencies for Premium membership. If you want to the details of the prices, you must become a member of this site. If at any time you want to stop your subscription, you need contact the customer service of Chubby Chaser Personals.


Chubby Chaser Personals is not a totally chubby dating site for chubby people and chubby chasers. It also provides ads for people to advertise. So, it can not create a clear and safe environment for users for chubby dating. The price of this site is also not stable and clear. So, if you choose this site, you may find it expensive and you will waste some time on this site.

All in all, it is also one choice for chubby singles and chubby chasers if you do not mind some ads and you can be careful about your safety. Or you can become a gold members to decrease these spmas or scammers to disturb you. If you do not disturb any ads or spam, you'd better these top 3 chubby dating sites on this review site.

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