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Chubby Bunnie is one of a chubby dating site which is desgined for these men chasing chubby girls for chubby loving(chubby relationship). It is belongs to the top 1 chubby chaser dating site: Large Friends. Chubby women and these chubby chasers can find their partner easily. But this site is not friendly on mobile.If you are single looking for chubby women for chubby loving, you can have a try one this site. Of course, there are some features which make the chubby dating site interesting. For example, there are some chubby women fashion show, if you are a chubby woman you may be interested in this. If you are a chubby chaser, you can also find some beautiful chubby women and contact with them.

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Features of Chubby Bunnie

As a clone site of Large Friends, it has similar features and services for chubby chasers and chubby girls to use. But also has some different features for users to use. It is not a free chubby dating site, some features and services are only avaliable for gold members. Before upgrading your membership, you can firstly find a potential bbw matches. With large members on this site, you can find a suitable chubby girl for chubby loving. If you want to access all features and service to conatct your chubby girl, you need become the gold member. Check these following features.

  • Check who is viewd your profile. According to the feature, you can easily find who is interested in you, if you also like her/him, you can send winks or send messages directly.
  • Share blogs or read users blogs. If you write some blogs or dating experience, you can also attract other users' attention. If you read another user's blogs, you can also find some useful tips or contact these people you like.
  • Check new members on this chubby site. If you do not find a match, you can check these new members on this site. Every day, there are almost 500 new chubby people or chubby chasers to join this site, so, you can check new members and contact them.
  • Hide your profile. If you already find an ideal chubby girl, you can hide your profile from disturbing by other members you do not like. If you di not find, you needn't hide your profile.
  • You privacy is protected by So, you needn't worry that this site will share your profiles to other sites.

Like Large Friends, here are more features and services for free members and gold members. If you want to learn more details of it you can check the site and become a member of it.

Chubby Bunnie Prices

The prices of Chubby Bunnie is reasonale. If you really interested in chubby girls, you can become a gold member to find more dating opportunities. Check the follwoing prices and choose the best choice

  • 1 month subscription: $29.95 / month Total $29.95
  • 3 months subscription: $19.98 / month Total $59.95
  • 6 months subscription: $15.99 / month Total $95.95


As a part of Large Friends, Chubby Buinne has a lot of chances to find a chubby girl for chubby loving. But if you want to read some useful dating tips or blogs, you need join this site firstly. And the site is not friendly on mobile application. This site is a high quality bbw dating site, and if you are a chubby girl or chubby chaser seeking chubby loving, you can try this site.

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